Male Hypogonadism

May 27th, 2014


Male hypogonadism is where the testes do not produce enough testosterone ( You can be born with it or it can develop due to infection or injury. The kind you are born with can effect growth and development during puberty. Later on in life it can effect sperm production. How it is treated depends upon what stage of life it occurred and what caused it.  Testosterone replacement therapy may be appropriate for certain types of male hypogonadism. During development in the fetus, if not enough testosterone is produced it can impede male sex organ growth. This may cause the development of female genitalia, ambiguous genitals or underdeveloped male genitalia. During puberty male hypogonadism may decrease muscle mass development, delay the deepening of the voice, impede testicle and penis growth, obstruct the growth of body hair and breast tissue known as gynecomastia may develop. In adults hypogonadism may cause physical and reproductive side effects. These include infertility, erectile dysfunction, decreased body or facial hair, lower muscle mass, osteoporosis or bone loss and gynecomastia or the development of breast tissue. Emotional and mental changes can also occur similar to menopause in women such as lower libido, fatigue, hot flashes and trouble concentrating.


If you feel like you have this condition or even a few of the symptoms see your physician right away. Finding the cause is the first step. There are two kinds, primary and secondary hypogonadism. In the primary variety, the problem originates in the testicles where testosterone is produced. In the secondary type, the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus may be the culprit. This is the gland and the part of the brain that signals the testes to produce testosterone. Whatever the type, the results are the same, whether it be congenital hypogonadism or when someone is born with the condition, or acquired hypogonadism as the result of infection or injury. Causes for primary hyopgonadism include undescended testicles, a mumps infection, hemochromatosis or too much iron in the blood, an injury to the testicles themselves, chemo and radiation therapy. For the secondary variety, causes include pituitary disorders, Kallmann syndrome or a development of the hypothalamus considered abnormal, HIV/AIDS, chronic inflammation due to an infection, obesity, chronic illness, normal aging and certain medications. Your primary healthcare provider will give you an exam. Possible tests that may be administered include a semen analysis, hormone testing, genetic tests or even a testicular biopsy. As for treatment there are patches, gels, injections, and hormone replacement therapy. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of hypogonadism.


Foods that Damage your Sexual Health

May 27th, 2014


All of the chemicals and toxins in the environment, especially in the food we eat can damage a man’s sexual health ( They also speed up the aging process and make it harder to lose excess fat. The trouble is most men don’t even know they are being affected. Are you experiencing the following symptoms: lowered sex drive, food cravings, digestive problems, weird mood swings, stubborn fat, constipation, allergies, sugar levels that spike or drop precipitously, or blood lipids that are out-of-control? If you are experiencing a few or many of these ailments, it may be coming from the foods you eat. Pharmaceutical and food companies are mostly to blame. Processed foods, supplements, water and air pollution and foods which are commercially grown, particularly dairy and meat, are the culprits. The toxins and chemicals these foods are laden with include lead, aluminum, mercury and other heavy metals, genetically modified foods (GMOs) that can change your DNA, residues for hormones and antibiotics and even xenoestrogens from herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Since these chemicals are transformed into estrogen in your body they sap your masculinity, make it more difficult to lose weight and speed up aging.

So what are some things you can do to curb this problem and maintain optimal sexual health? First, start by identifying the foods that are dangerous from your diet and supplanting them with healthy ones. Next, detoxify your body. Each morning start off the day with a glass of warm water with one fresh squeezed lemon added to it. This stimulates the liver and the gall bladder which are the organs responsible for removing toxins from the body. It will help them to expel bile full of toxins that have built up from the day before and overnight. Cut out as much processed sugar as you can. It makes insulin and the blood-sugar level spike in your blood. Cut down on wheat products which curb the production of testosterone in the testes. Increase your intake of vegetables. Veggies are natural detoxifiers. Brussel Sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage—even sauerkraut help clean out the nasty chemicals that have built up in your system. Make sure to get plenty of rest. Exercise regularly, at least 20 to 30 minutes of continuous cardiovascular exercise three times per week. Find ways to manage emotional issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Look for foods in your supermarket that are GMO free. Make sure you use a water filtration system at home. Limit the amount of dairy you eat and try to select meat that is hormone and antibiotic free. Going the extra mile will ensure you are healthy and that your sexual health is optimal for years to come.

Male Breast Cancer

May 14th, 2014

Certainly breast cancer is most common in women. But the truth is that men can get it, too ( It is this misconception, that breast cancer is only a female disease that makes it dangerous for men. They don’t think they can get it, ignore the symptoms when they occur and visit a doctor when it is too late, or when treatment is far more severe than it would have been otherwise. The truth is, knowing the symptoms of male breast cancer can save your life, or that of someone you love. So what are they symptoms of male breast cancer? Just like with women, a lump is found in the breast area of the chest. To check for it, lie flat on your back. In this position the muscle tissue of the chest is at its thinnest, so a lump will be easier to detect. Using your three middle fingers on your left hand, begin to examine your right breast. This is done by moving the fingers around in overlapping circular motions. Work slowly from the inside out feeling for any unusual hard lumps. For the muscle and skin mass that is the thinnest, use light pressure when pressing. Increase the pressure’s intensity as you work from thin mass to thicker mass. The firmest pressure should be used on the outside of the breast, closest to the ribs and chest area.

Lots of guys forget to check under the arm. This is a fault, as a lump can just as easily form there. Make sure to check around the breastbone and sternum—the hard bone right in the center of the chest. Don’t ignore the parts near the upper part of the chest and collarbone. Once the one side is complete, begin with the opposite hand on the other side of your chest and use the same procedure. When checking under your arms, examine this area in a standing position. Sitting or standing is recommended. Raise your arm to give yourself total access to that area. Remember that what you are feeling for is an unusual lump. It often doesn’t hurt but you will notice that it feels out of place. You may find other symptoms around the area as well. For instance there may be a puckering or a dimpling of the skin. Your nipple could turn inward or become indented. There even may be a discharge at the nipple area. If you do find a lump, don’t ignore it. Many guys are embarrassed by this. They don’t want to be associated with what is considered a woman’s disease and fear ridicule by friends, coworkers, family members and others. But the truth is that no one who is a considerate human being would do that. Catching cancer early gives you the best chances of success. If you find something, make an appointment with a physician immediately. It just may save your life.


What Women Find Attractive

May 13th, 2014

Is it a charming personality, a razor wit, a six figure salary, or six pack abs that call the ladies to you? Since the dawn of time men have been trying to figure out what women really find attractive. Now with the help of New York relationship specialist Irina Firstein, LCSW the mystery will finally be solved ( First, a woman wants to feel safe with her man. She wants to feel supported. Her desire to feel protected by him comes from our Stone Age ancestors. But if she feels like she’s holding him up instead of the other way around, it’s a major turn-off. Most women desire someone who is taller than her and fit physically, to fulfill her need to be protected, to feel safe and cared for. If you aren’t so fit, perhaps make an effort to eat right, fit an exercise regimen into your weekly routine and show her that you want to be around to take care of her. Next, women are generally attracted to success. It’s due to the fact that historically speaking men were the providers. You don’t need to be a vice president in a company or have a tremendous stock portfolio however. It’s true that money and success are attractive to women. But being passionate, having a goal and working toward that goal is just as attractive, provided you communicate these to her and let her feel your commitment and drive.

Women love to talk, that’s no surprise. But our culture actually acculturates men to be the strong, silent type. This is the exact opposite of what a woman wants. Women like guys who truly listen to them, give feedback, sympathize and support them emotionally. One of the most attractive things a guy can do is really listen and validate how she is feeling. One of the things guys have a hard time understanding is when it’s time to give advice and when it is time to merely listen and validate. The best way to do this is to always listen, validate her feelings than ask if she wants any advice. Don’t paper over her emotions with male logic or you will put distance between the two of you. Women love social butterflies. If you have a lot of friends or know how to work a room you will draw them in. Be charming, funny and witty. Many a lady has been charmed into bed by a few well-placed jokes. Be chivalrous and respectful. Open the door for her. Put your hand on the small of her back and lead her into or out of a restaurant. She will notice and it will send electric currents of love straight to her heart. Lastly, women want to be desired. Show her how much you want her and care for her. Woo her. Do things for her. Write her love letters, send her flowers for no reason, and surprise her. Follow this advice and the apple of your eye will soon be part of your ambrosia of love.


An Emotional Hard-on

May 13th, 2014


Remember the days when you were in school, would look down and realize you had a huge hard-on for no reason at all? You prayed that you wouldn’t be called to the board that day. Embarrassing as a surprise erection is, it usually subsides once adolescence is over. Some guys think that as an adult however they only get erect when they see someone they find sexy ( But the truth is lots of guys get what is called an emotional hard-on. The first time saying “I love you” with a partner can bring it on. Staring deeply into each other’s eyes may wake up the beast within. Proposing to someone and having them say yes, hearing your partner profess their most profound love, or even finding out that they want to have a family with you can make your soldier stand at attention. Though some guys find it perhaps confusing or slightly worrisome, it’s actually a very natural reaction to an attractive emotional state. One problem however is often women don’t by the sentimental stiffy. Women can be suspicious of it. In fact, they suspect there is another reason for the male member rising to the occasion, which though would make a hilarious Sitcom plot can also put a damper on your love life. It could lead to an argument. There is an old saying that a “Stiff prick knows no conscience.” But this isn’t always true.


Men’s Health Ontario primary physician Dr. John Aquino states that when we consider an erection we have to consider the mind-body connection. Of course blood flow, hormones and other biological reactions have something to do with it. But within two centers of the brain is where it all begins. The temporal cortex, the part that works and evaluates the stimulus of the senses, is a big part of the erection process. You see a gorgeous, half naked person and the temporal cortex gets things into action. The next thing you know you’re saying to yourself, “What’s happening in my pants?” But the second part of the brain, somewhere between the paralimbic area and the frontal cortex also plays a role. These areas are the home of motivation and our emotions. Dr. Aquino said of this “Sometimes a guy can’t get an erection if he has too much on his mind, even if he is looking at something sexual.” If you’ve ever been grieving, extremely anxious or really stressed out, you know this to be true. Of course, just as in class when you were a teen, the opposite can be true too according to Dr. Aquino. “If the emotional center becomes very active for whatever reason or a man is in a very deep state of relaxation, the whole erectile process can get started from this area all by itself even without sexual stimulus. It’s not as common, and it can take a lot of guys by surprise.” Director of the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis Don Carveth summed it up this way, “Most psychiatrists agree that human sexuality is 99% in the mind.”