Convince your Girl to Shave down There

January 30th, 2015

There’s something really erotic about a girl who shaves down there. You notice a lot of strippers and porn stars do it. Sexologists dealing with couples who are having trouble in the bedroom suggest certain games, one of which is shaving one another. There is definitely something sensual and sexy about shaving a woman. If you’ve never done it, you must. If men find it so alluring, why don’t more “normal” women do it? Perhaps it has something to do with the perception of a shaved private area. Women who do so must be thought of as highly sexualized. The good girl stereotype then that many women try and live up to doesn’t allow for this practice. Still lots of guys are into the shaved look and feel. So how do you convince your girl to shave down there? There are a few methods. The first one, come right out and tell her. Don’t blurt it out. Wait for the proper time and the proper mood. Build into it. You want to talk about fantasies over wine before or after dinner, just the two of you. Play some music. Tell her you’re curious to hear more about her fantasies. Pick out one that you want to fulfill for her. Then she’ll ask you about yours. This is your chance to tell her about it. Tell her that you want to shave her sensuously, if you do. Give her some sensual language, about how good it will feel and how much it will turn you on.


If the straightforward but working her into it approach isn’t to your liking, but she’s relatively easygoing or likes some spontaneity, during a bout of foreplay produce some shaving cream and a razor, and make a theatrical event out of it. She’ll either be insulted or throw you out of the bedroom, or so turned on she can’t wait for you to be with her. Most of the time, it’s one or the other. Evaluate how she is when you’ve sprung other types of things on her, if you have, or if she has a wild streak. Do you guys watch porn together? If so, find movies that have shaving scenes in them. Ask her what she thought about it sometime afterwards. If she was into it, you are good to go. Another way to introduce the subject is to talk about some friends you know who introduced it into their foreplay. You could say your friend explained this really hot scene and it made you want to try it. This way she thinks that it was just a talk with a friend, and not that you’ve been harboring an opinion about her downstairs place. Get her to shave your area as foreplay. Lastly, make sure you keep yourself neat in your pubic area before you talk to her about shaving. You don’t want to be labelled hypocritical. The other thing is to make sure she knows how much you love her body. If you get her to think that you think it isn’t attractive, she won’t feel attractive. It will bring her overall sexual confidence down, ergo less sex. Let her know you think her privates are perfect bliss, you just want to try something new.

Dirty Talk Advanced

January 30th, 2015

Men with lots of experience in the bedroom know that dirty talk can make or break the moment. What you say to her can drive her to the edge of ecstasy or to the edge of the bed to hightail it out of there. Most guys know the basics of what to say to a woman to turn her on. But women are complicated. There are a lot of nuances. If you’d like to sharpen your linguistic seduction skills then you’ve come to the right place. Here is dirty talk advanced level. Now when it’s at the beginning of a relationship, or it’s the first time after a tremendous fight or even after you’ve broken up and gotten back together, whatever the situation when you tell her “We can take it slow” mean it. If you pressure her later she’s likely to pull away. But if you do take it slow and show her that it’s her time, attention and affection you want she’ll warm to you. Lots of guys shower their lady with simple compliments that can frankly be applied to anyone. The trick is to make your compliments as specific as possible. Tell her you love the way the undertones of her skin make her radiate. But first you’ll have to know what that is. Don’t just talk about her eyes but that certain look she gives you, the way her eyes crease when she smiles, or something unique about their color. If you really want to turn a woman on make her feel special, unique and one-of-a-kind. Let her know how great she looks after the act. That will make an impression.


Use the word “you” and work it into whatever you are saying. Don’t tell her “That feels amazing” tell her “You feel amazing.” Instead of “I love how that feels.” Say “I love what you do to me.” Always put the focus on her. She will get more turned on, be more enthusiastic and that means more extra-special attention for you. According to psychotherapist Daylle Deanna Schwartz, “‘You’ is sexy because you’re referring to her as opposed to the act of sex. It’s very personal, and women love that.” Ms. Schwartz is author of the book How to Please a Woman in and out of Bed. When she’s going down on you or trying to please you in some way, don’t go stoic on her. Reinforce her. Women need to be supported emotionally. They want to know what they are doing pleases you. Moan a little, even if you aren’t a moaner to direct her and keep her at what you like. Say how good she makes you feel what she does that thing that you like. Incorporate dirty talk and directions together. Now instead of asking her should you disrobe her, tell her in a cute and charming way, “I’m going to take off all of your clothes, starting with this.” Women like it when men take initiative in bed. If she protests or you offend her at some point, and what guy won’t, give her a quick apology or make a joke (even better) and move lightly on.

The Secret to the Most Fulfilling sex you’ve ever had

January 30th, 2015

Lots of guys have that wild time or two in the back of their mind, the super-secret vault of spank action. Usually you stumble upon a scenario and all of a sudden you are caught up in it, an accidental threesome with two female friends, the tryst with the older woman, the time you made a sex tape with an ex, or when you and a high school girlfriend snuck out and went skinny dipping, getting it on in the water and hoping you didn’t get caught. Those are great memories that will last a lifetime. But lots of guys also have unfulfilled fantasies that they don’t want to bring up with their wife or girlfriend, or don’t know how to broach the subject. The real secret to the most fulfilling sex you’ve ever had is to share those fantasies with her no matter how perverted or strange you think she’ll find them. Truth is she’s probably got some dirty or weird fantasies of her own she’s scared to share with you. You have to have developed a relationship to a certain point for this to work. You have to be comfortable and close with one another. There has to be a deep bond of trust. It’s actually the sign of a healthy relationship if both of you can open up and share your fantasies. It’s even better when you have an understanding, loving, attentive lover who wants to please you, and be pleased by you.


Do not approach her with some list, pressure her or overwhelm her all at once. If you haven’t done anything kinky, springing it on her that you want her to be your mistress, wear spiked leather gloves and spank you with a paddle may be jumping too far ahead. Instead, start out small. Work into things. Start with the mild things and work slowly up the list. Say you want to make love out-of-doors. Discuss it with her as you would discuss any of your fantasies. Talk about hers first. If you make fantasy talk about her and your desire to fulfill her needs and wishes, she’ll be willing and enthusiastic about fulfilling yours. So if you want to make love to her outdoors, once she asks you about this bring it up. At first, she may reject the idea. Don’t pressure her. Tell her other subtler ones. Then here and there start whispering sexy and naughty things in her ear when you’re out and about. Tell her not to wear underwear one night and whisper how you know and how it turns you on. Later on, start touching her under the table, leg perhaps and work your way around to other areas. Make sure you’ve selected a secluded spot for when she’s ready to move things to the next level. This same process can be done for almost any fantasy. Talk to her about fantasies, first about hers, then yours. Fulfill one of hers to the best of your ability. And then work her into yours. Make her feel comfortable, make her feel sexy, make her yours and she’ll make you hers.

Don’t Use these Techniques to Lengthen Bedroom Performance

January 22nd, 2015

It’s no secret, a lot of guys want to last longer in bed. One of the most common problems is a man finishing before his partner is satisfied. There are lots of tried and true techniques to help, some physical others mental. There may also be an underlying health condition, especially if no matter what you have tried nothing works. At this point, it pays to seek out a physician. There are some methods out there that guys try thinking they will work, but end up making the problem worse. Don’t use these techniques to lengthen your bedroom performance. Otherwise, things can go south fast. The first is drinking too much.Lots of guys like to ease the tension by having a few drinks. This can alleviate anxiety and make you feel more confident. But consuming too much alcohol decreases blood flow, which is vital for forming an erection. Instead, use some mental tricks and deep breathing exercises to relieve anxiety and boost confidence. The most successful athletes picture themselves being successful, and visualize all the steps in their performance before taking part. Do the same and your bedroom performance is sure to improve.

Some say it’s a good idea to think about something else during sex. Baseball was the topic they would say to concentrate on in the olden days to divert one’s attention. But conjuring up chores, sports, work and even bad experiences may have the opposite effect. You may fail to perform at all. What’s more, this technique marries unpleasant or uninteresting thoughts with sex, which could lead to further problems. Instead, change up your repertoire. Perhaps orally or digitally stimulate your partner. Include toys. Slow things down. Spend more time on foreplay. Really get your partner excited before penetration occurs. Your partner is liable to enjoy sex more, you will feel more confident and your performance will improve. Stop and switch positions when you feel it coming on too soon. Some men pull out and press firmly just underneath the head of the penis in order to stave off orgasm. Then there are numbing creams and gels and special condoms. Experiment and find a technique that works for you.

Do you suffer from Balanitis?

January 20th, 2015

If you are uncircumcised, and are experiencing swelling of the head of the penis along with the foreskin, you may be suffering from balanitis. It is also known as balanoposthitis. This usually occurs when the area underneath the foreskin is not washed regularly. Bacteria and sweat can build up causing irritation. Another cause is an allergy to certain soaps or personal care products. These can cause the head of the penis–the glands to swell.  A yeast infection can also cause this disorder to occur. Arthritis may be at the root of the problem. It can also happen as a result of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). People with certain conditions such as diabetes mellitus are more likely to develop balanitis. Symptoms include itching, redness, pain and irritation of the penis. Some experience a malodorous discharge as well. If you believe you may have balanitis or are experiencing any of these symptoms, see a healthcare professional right away.


Balanitis is diagnosed through taking the person’s medical history, and performing a physical exam. No further tests are generally required. If an underlying health problem is at fault, the doctor may request blood work to be done. When hygiene is at issue, there may be need for some retraining on how to pull back and clean the foreskin and the area beneath. Changing the soap you use to a milder version can also help, especially if it is caused by an allergy. Generally speaking, to clear up the issue a topical cream is prescribed. For STIs as the root cause, an antibiotic may also be administered. If the problem chronically returns, the physician might suggest circumcision as a way to prevent future infection of the foreskin. For most causes however, balanitis can be prevented. Usually this condition is nothing to worry about so long as you seek out medical attention. Be sure to seek out a physician if you believe you may have balanitis.